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Philips CX50 Product Photography

Continuing to support the marketing team at Philips Ultrasound, I was hired to create a series of product shots of the new CX50 Ultrasound machine and accessories in my studio.

Hatcher Pass, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska

REI Store Mural- Anchorage, Alaska

REI once again approached me to create a high resolution, regionally specific landscape for their new store in Anchorage, AK. I love the challenge of these shoots as I trek into the Alaskan outback in search of the perfect image, while simultaneously attempting to avoid the many bears and moose. This time they selected several of my images for permanent display in the store.

Lasalle Canyon, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

REI Store Mural- Lincoln Park, IL

The Grand Canyon, the Smokey Mountains, and the Tetons are icon gems of the national park system, but occasionally I have the opportunity to find smaller, regional treasures that are just as magical. For this high resolution mural for REI’s new store near Chicago, I had the opportunity to explore Starved Rock State Park. Surrounded by cornfields, one would never expect to find such lush green canyons in central Illinois.

Philips Refresh_Web.jpg

Philips CX50 Refresh Photoshop Project

For this project, I was approached by Philips to update their pre-existing catalog of marketing images. With the updated CX50 in my studio, I created a series of images which matched the angle, depth of field, lens, focus, and lighting of the new product on a white backdrop. I then blended the new product image over the original file, creating an updated lifestyle image of the product. As you can see above, the blending is seamless. This was a challenging project which combined both shooting and photoshop skills.

meori Magazing Cover.jpg

pbs report Magazine Cover

Congratulations to meori- the “go anywhere, hold anything” lifestyle storage people for achieving the cover of pbs report magazine in Germany. I’m not sure what the article is about, but the cover photo looks great, and was created on location here in Seattle in collaboration with their local creative team.

Illinois Beach State Park, Illinois

REI Store Mural- Vernon Hills, IL

As REI expands it’s store locations, I had the privilege of creating a high resolution mural of the Illinois state beaches north of Chicago. Though it means crawling out of bed at 3am and sitting on a frost covered beach, the opportunity to capture something beautiful always outweighs the temporary discomfort.

Buzzard Slough, Reelfoot National Wildlife Area, Tennessee

REI Store Mural- Memphis, TN

I’ve had the privilege once again of shooting another high resolution landscape for REI, this time on location in Tennessee for the new Memphis REI store. The cypress trees and lily pads of Reelfoot Lake provide the setting for this image which will go on permanent display in the new store and will be printed up to 36’ x 12’ taking full advantage of a high resolution shooting process which creates images 30,000 x 10,000 pixels.


REI Pride Campaign

I joined an REI crew on the streets of Seattle to capture lifestyle images of REI products for their Pride Campaign. Working with an extremely talented crew, we scoured the streets to find interesting backdrops and interactions for the many products.


BTG International Campaign

BTG is a medical device company. I was hired to create documentary style images of their employees engaged in the research and manufacturing process for use in multiple campaigns. Utilizing my in depth lighting skills, I lit the mostly windowless space to create a bright, airy atmosphere.


meori Catalog

meori is the “go anywhere, hold anything” solution for organizing an active lifestyle. To launch their new spring line of foldable boxes for home storage and on-to-go, we did both an on-location and in-studio photo shoot. I worked with their creative team in a local Seattle home to capture how meori can help organize a busy life, and in my photo studio to show how simply the products fold and store.

Monument Mountain, Massachusetts

REI Store Mural- West Hartford, CT

If your interested in history, Monument Mountain is full of it. When hiking the trails at 3am to capture sunrise you can feel the history in these ancient woods. This mountain was home to the Mohicans, and later the site of a cave where Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne discussed the concepts which later became the novel Moby Dick. I was lucky enough to travel here to capture the store mural for the West Hartford REI. These high resolution images are over 30,000 x 10,000 pixels and can be found permanently displayed behind the registers.

Bondi Ice Cream Cover.jpg

Arte Heladero Magazine Cover

I’ve worked with renown chef Francisco Migoya at Modernist Cuisine on a few projects, but this one, which wound up on the cover of Arte Heladero was one of my favorites. (Did you know there was a Spanish language magazine dedicated to ice cream? Neither did I.) We lit this cactus flavored ice cream with a rosy glow, to match a desert sunset, or should I say, a dessert sunset…

Kirby Sorter Roadside Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

REI Store Mural- Winter Park, FL

“When creating photographs in southern Florida, one can never carry to much bug repellent”. Truer words have never been spoken. The cypress trees and swamps of the Everglades are absolutely stunning, as are the size of the mosquitos. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the country while creating a high resolution mural for REI’s Winter Park store. Try as I might, I never managed to capture a photograph of an alligator, but at least I caught a fresh alligator trail, as is seen in the lower left corner of this landscape.

Ash Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

REI Store Mural- Cleveland, OH

Having grown up in Ohio, I spent a lot of my youth visiting other areas for scenic wonders. It was great to come back and actually discover what Ohio has to offer. The canyons and caves of eastern Ohio are very impressive and it was a pleasure to explore this area while creating a new high resolution mural for REI.


Lease Crutcher Lewis Portraits

Lease Crutcher Lewis, the construction company, approached me to take head shots of each employee: everyone from the executive team to the construction workers. The goal of the project was to show the personality of the firm and to be able to show clients and prospective clients exactly who would be working on a project.

Algonquin Peak, Adirondack Mountains, New York

REI Store Mural- Rochester, NY

It’s not to often a trail I’m hiking on turns into a waterfall, but in the Adirondacks a massive overnight storm caught me on the sides of Algonquin Peak. After hunkering down in some rhododendron to avoid getting washed off the mountain, I made it to the summit shortly after sunrise to capture this shot which is now on permanent display at the REI in Rochester, NY.

Rand’s View, Berkshire Mountains, Connecticut

REI Store Mural- Milford, CT

Departing the trailhead at 2am, I found myself hiking through thick, shadowy forests for several miles before breaking out into Rand’s View along the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. The open meadows and soft grass were the perfect place to sit and await sunrise on this warm summers night as I created another high resolution mural for REI.

Great Falls of the Potomac National Park, Virginia

REI Flagship Store Mural- Washington D.C.

In my youth I was a solid class V whitewater kayaker, and I always dreamt of running the infamous Great Falls of the Potomac. Though I never got the opportunity, it was such a treat to come here and explore the falls from every angle to capture this high resolution mural for the REI Flagship store in Washington, DC. And now that I have the lines scouted, one day I will return with my kayak.

Valley Creek, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

REI Store Mural- King of Prussia, PA

Once again I found myself on location for REI. This time I was attempting to create another high resolution mural for the new King of Prussia store. Valley Forge was the assignment and though the vast majority of the park is composed of well kept lawns of former battlefields, I was able to find a little piece of wilderness for this shot.


"Get Set for the Season" Winter Campaign

To kick off winter and to define REI as an all-in-one destination for winter recreation products, REI launched a "Get Set for the Season" campaign. The company flew their top two master ski techs out to work in the ski tune shop at the Seattle flagship store. I love photographing professionals in their real world environment. It was great to spend the day with these two masters of their craft, and in between shots, I got an education on ski maintenance. A win-win for all!

Hudson River Valley, Bear Mountain, New York

REI Flagship Store Mural- SoHo New York, NY

Are you familiar with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving? Once again I’ve found myself on location creating beautiful high resolution landscape images for permanent display in REI’s new Flagship store in SoHo, NYC. The Hudson River Valley in Autumn is stunning and full of folklore, from the town of Sleepy Hollow just upstream, to the historical site of the Hessian encampment featured in this image this area is full of history and can be viewed up close in the SoHo flagship store.

Shovel Point, Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota

REI Flagship Store Mural- Bloomington, MN

On location at Shovel Point, MN, my assistant and I awoke to the crisp, cold mornings of autumn on Lake Superior, Minnesota to capture this high resolution mural for the new REI flagship store in Bloomington. With an in-camera image size of 30,000 x 10,000 pixels, the details and subtle colors jump off the wall in the new flagship store.

Brandywine Creek State Park, Delaware

REI Store Mural- Christiana, DE

REI once again approached me to create a high resolution, regionally specific landscape for their new store in Christiana, Delaware. Brandywine Creek State Park presented a simplistic beauty and composition which I enjoyed capturing. I love the diversity of locations these shoots present me with, though I could do without the ticks. This high resolution image will be on permanent display in the new store.

Sandstone Peak, Santa Monica Mountains, California

REI Store Mural- Woodland Hills, CA

This unique and epic high resolution photograph of the greater Los Angeles area was taken from the Santa Monica Mountains as part of REI’s store mural program. Each store gets a permanent, very large, and highly detailed image of a regionally significant place which I have been fortunate enough to capture. The shoots are always challenging, but the images make it all worth it.


Spring Fitness Campaign

For REI's spring fitness campaign, I spent two weeks traveling across the Pacific Northwest. Photographing on-location in both Oregon and Washington, I had the chance to work with some amazing professional athletes. This campaign was part of REI's transition towards more authentic photography. The photos were used in advertising, direct mail, online, social, and for in-store signage. 

EVRGRN Website.jpg

EVRGRN Brand Launch

REI introduced a fresh new line of outdoor products geared toward casual outdoor adventurers. Called EVRGN, the collection of products was designed for easy backyard BBQs, trips to the beach, and music festivals, and marketed towards millennials. My task as the brand photographer, environmental product photographer, and lifestyle photographer was to capture the casual spontaneity of the new brand and show how the products were designed to bring friends together. Unique to this campaign, I also worked closely with an illustrator to include sketch characters in the final photographic solution. The campaign included print and online advertising, in-store signage, social, direct mail, and web. 


Big Agnes mtnGLO Tent Launch

When Big Agnes first introduced the mtnGLO tent, a lightweight backpacking tent with integrated LED lighting, it was initially only available at REI. For this exclusive product launch, REI sent me on-location to Mount Charleston, outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Astrophotography isn't something I get to do a lot of professionally, so this was a great opportunity for me to express another set of skills. For this ad, the headline is really appropriate, as I had to use a long exposure to get the stars right, then quickly flicker the lights, or flip the switch, to light the inside of the tent. 


Osprey and REI's Collaborative Campaign for the Anti-Gravity Pack Line

For the launch of the Anti-Gravity Pack backpacking line from Osprey, exclusively at REI, I went on-location in Red Rocks, Nevada for a few days of scrambling and outdoor adventure. The requirements for this campaign called for both product detail photos and plenty of application photographs. With a great cast of talent and supporting crew, we took these packs all over the park. One of the more popular shots was the "selfie" - where I set up to make it appear as though the model was taking a selfie. 

Pinwheel Vista, Wawayanda Mountain, New Jersey

REI Store Mural- Princeton, NJ

Once again, I’ve had the privilege of shooting another high resolution landscape for REI, this time on location in beautiful New Jersey for the new Princeton REI store. The rolling hills of the eastern edge of the Appalachians provided an ideal backdrop for this image which will go on permanent display in the new store and will be printed up to 36’ x 12’ taking full advantage of the high resolution shooting process which creates 30,000 x 10,000 pixels images.

Blood Mountain, Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia

REI Store Mural- Alpharetta, GA

On location in Blood Mountain, Georgia, my assistant and I braved continuous heavy rain and thunderstorms to capture this high resolution mural for the new REI store in Alpharetta. With an in-camera image size of 30,000 x 10,000 pixels, there was nothing easy about finding this location and getting all of the necessary equipment there. Fortunately, the weather broke long enough for us to get this shot.

REI Holiday Campaign

Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Tennessee

REI Store Mural- Knoxville, TN

REI once again approached me to create a high resolution, regionally specific landscape for their new store in Knoxville, TN. I love the challenge of these shoots as I get the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas in search of the perfect landscape which will become a permanent part of the new store. The image we settled upon is of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refugee, Oklahoma

REI Store Mural- Dallas, TX

Following up on the success in Caddo Lake, REI sent me to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refugee in Oklahoma to photograph a high resolution mural landscape for the Dallas, TX store. The challenges of creating high resolution image were simplified standing on dry land, but a close encounter with a rattle snake kept me on my toes.

Caddo Lake, Texas

REI Store Mural- Houston, TX

REI sent me to beautiful Caddo Lake, TX to find and capture a high resolution landscape for their newly remodeled Houston, TX store. This was a technically challenging shoot from the outset with the need to create a 30,000 x 10,000 pixel image in camera- a feet made possible with supporting software. Throw in a couple of alligators and there wasn’t a dull moment to be had!