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About Ian Bondi

Ian is a professional commercial photographer who specializes in creating inspiring product and brand images. With a photography degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and an outdoor recreation degree from Appalachian State University, Ian collaborates with clients to bring their brand vision to life. He enjoys the nuances of lighting a studio set as much as he enjoys the challenges of on-location shoots. 

Born in Ohio, Ian now calls the Pacific Northwest home. His career has taken him on location from the -30° frozen lakes of Northern Minnesota to the 110° plains of Texas and the sun-swept Greek Islands. 

In addition to his commercial and brand photography, Ian works as a large-format landscape artist. He developed a technique for shooting high resolution landscapes (36,000 x 12,000 pixel images) in a variety of harsh environments. His photographs can be seen in retail locations around the country. 


Ian has had the privilege of photographing for a variety of companies including: Amazon, Baggallini, Dixie Cup, The Danner Boot Company, EVRGRN, Lacrosse Footwear, Nike, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), REI Adventures, 8th Continent Soymilk, The Oregon Humane Society, and many others.