• Born in Ohio, but call the Pacific Northwest my home.
  • Was the voice of "The Mouse" in an animated short- "The Mouse and The Lion".
  • Once ran, scrambled, and climbed 22 miles and 11,000 feet of alpine terrain in a half day after eating a pound of Oreos.
  • Have, and continue to demonstrate my extensive experience shooting ad campaigns both on location and in the studio.
  • Photographed on locations from the -30° frozen lakes of Northern Minnesota to the 110° plains of Texas.
  • Was a protectorate of the Secret Service.
  • Once slipped on a glacier while making a rapid descent to escape an approaching thunderstorm, self arrested with a rock, and hiked out with a few scrapes... only to break my foot the next day in a photo studio.
  • Developed a technique for shooting high resolution landscapes (36,000 x 12,000 pixel images) in a variety of harsh environments.
  • Continue to excel at collaborating with clients to create visual concepts and story boards that adhere to their company's brand standards and budget.
  • Stoked to work with you on your next campaign!

I have had the privilege of photographing for a variety of companies including:, Baggallini, Dixie Cup, The Danner Boot Company, EVRGRN, Lacrosse Footwear, Nike, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), REI Adventures, 8th Continent Soymilk, The Oregon Humane Society, and many others.